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With 85 years of experience providing insurance and working in communities across the country, Farmers understands how important it is to deliver quality coverage at affordable rates. We understand that as a dedicated driver, homeowner, parent, child, or worker, you want, and rightly deserve, the most dependable coverage for your hard earned money, and with safe habits, should come lower insurance costs.

That’s why, at Farmers, we’re always looking for new ways to keep the cost of insurance affordable. To do this, we use a tool called the Risk Assessment Indicator.

Lawsuits have become commonplace in today’s world, and more and more we’re seeing larger awarded sums than ever before. In fact, in 2013 over 60,000 injury cases appeared in U.S. courts, each averaging $60,000 in payouts!

To help protect your hard earned assets, you maintain liability coverage with property insurance like auto and homeowners. These policies have limits though, and with increasing frequency, lawsuit awards are exceeding these limits. That’s where Farmers Personal Liability Umbrella insurance comes in.

An umbrella policy is an extra layer of liability coverage, designed to go above and beyond the coverage of your other insurance policies. If you’re ever sued for damages, and the verdict exceeds even the highest limits on your existing property coverage, an umbrella policy kicks in to cover the additional expenses so you don’t have to put your savings, your home, and your business at risk.

Learn more about umbrella insurance or call us at (626) 998-9000 for more information.

After a car accident, home damage, or any kind of loss, it’s important to let your Farmers agent know. To get the claims process moving immediately, choose a method below:

  1. Report a claim online
  2. Text REPORTCLAIM to 29141, and you’ll receive a link to begin the claims process. Messaging and data rates may apply.
  3. Use our Farmers Mobile App
  4. Call the Claim Contact Center at 800-435-7764. (English, Spanish and hearing-impaired available)

Print your Auto insurance ID card or evidence of insurance through your Farmers.com account. Log in, click on Get ID Card link. Choose options for printing, mailing, or faxing.

If you don’t have a Farmers.com account, you can register or access your ID through the Farmers.com login page. Click “Get ID card” and enter requested information. 

Farmers offers a variety of discounts to help you save on your insurance, and reward you for safe behavior. Discounts vary by state, so make sure to check for which discounts you’re eligible.

Generally, Farmers helps you save with discounts for:

  • Select occupational groups (doctors, RNs, dentists, teachers, police, firefighters, etc.)
  • Homeowners
  • Teens with parents who have safe driving records
  • Drivers who own cars with standard safety features
  • Drivers who own multiple cars
  • Drivers who use the Signal® app (not available in all states)
  • And more!

Contact your local Farmers agent for more details.

Car rental companies charge daily fees for their own insurance to damages in your rental agreement. However, it is possible that your current auto policy provides rental car coverage. This typically varies by state though, so check your policy or contact your local Farmers agent for more details.

This is an often misinterpreted term, and doesn’t refer to a policy that covers “everything.” Instead, full coverage typically refers to a policy that includes both liability coverage and coverage for damage to your property.

Your Auto insurance Policy Declaration page lists the coverage you have selected, and a Farmers agent can help you select Auto insurance coverage that fits your needs and budget.

The good student discount is an auto insurance discount available in most states that rewards young drivers for doing well in school.

To qualify, the driver must be between 16 and 24 years old, a full-time student enrolled in high school or college, and must provide documentation that any of the following apply:

  • Ranked scholastically in the upper 20% of his or her class.
  • Had a “B” grade average or better.
  • Had an average of at least a 3.0 for all subjects combined.
  • Was included in the “Dean’s List”, “Honor Roll” or similar list.

If you have an agent, please contact your agent. If you have already reached out to your agent, or you do not have one, you can text us at 1-855-922-3025, or call our service line at:

Mon-Fri 7:00 am to 11:00 pm Central Time
Sat-Sun 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Central Time

Please call us at (626) 998-9000 or emails us at lchang1@farmersagent.com for quotes and appointments